I’m not feeling myself today. I suppose I am feeling really down, actually. Frustrated with my body/mind and its limitations. My foot is killing me (reminder that I am recovering from foot surgery), and it was difficult to even walk to the bathroom when I woke up. To add to my anguish, SURPRISE!! It’s THAT time of the month, and my ovaries feel like they’re going to explode. My entire being is tender right now.IMG_1191I had planned to wake up early to go on a long-ish walk and take pictures. But alas, I overslept. I’d wake up, wonder why I felt like shit, and go back to sleep. Well, now I know why. The only thing that seems to relieve any pain is to curl up into the fetal position. Every inch of my body is screaming “STAY IN BED” and I may just do that.


One thought on “Tender

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