Last night, I got drunk on pink wine. It was sweet berry or something like that. Delicious. And relaxing. Just what I needed to switch my brain off after a long day. Birthdays are difficult, remember? I passed out early during an episode of Doctor Who and slept in until 11. Haha, that’s me at twenty-six years old.


Anyways, it’s time to get back to the grind, despite the mild hangover I have. Time to apply to a million more jobs I will never hear from. Meanwhile, I have decided to re-purpose a spare room into a home photography studio; Time to research and calculate the most affordable costs. I don’t really care if this is the because of a “manic” episode. I’m going to make this happen. Trying to settle on a what type of photography I want to focus on: Self portraiture? Fashion photography? That could be fun, especially because I want to design and sew my own clothes. Nature photography? Fine art photography? Surreal photography?


Is it possible that I don’t have to focus on only one? Would that risk stretching myself too thin? Let’s find out. I’ll just pick a direction to start and go wherever this takes me. I just need to ensure that I maintain this momentum. I will not allow myself to give up on life again. If I just keep trying, then maybe I’ll be okay. I need to start ACTUALLY believing that.


2 thoughts on “Pink

  1. I still don’t have a specialty in photography. I shoot everything from Weddings to Births and everything in between. I love working with families and children and working with models. I still toy with my own personal projects including food, surreal and other things. Try them all out and see what fits you.

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    • Thanks for sharing!! I have some experience with self portraiture, but it’s been a bit sense I was in front of the camera. I think it will be fun to experiment and find my niche. 🙂

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